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Events for the Month – July 

Miss Heilala contestant

Whale Watching Season Begins

July marks the start of Tonga’s whale watching season, attracting tourists worldwide. Humpback whales migrate to Tonga’s warm waters to breed and give birth, offering unforgettable moments of breaching and playing in the ocean.

The most well known  locations for whale watching in Tonga are at the Ha’apai and  Vava’u island groups though visitors can book for whale watching in Tongatapu and ‘Eua as well.  Each area offers unique vantage points and a variety of whale watching tours.

Whale watching in Tonga is not just an activity; it’s an immersive journey into the wonders of marine life. The opportunity to see humpback whales in their natural habitat is a testament to Tonga’s rich biodiversity making it a must-do event.

Miss Heilala Festival

The Miss Heilala Pageant, an integral part of Tonga’s cultural fabric, is held annually  and stands as a testament to the nation’s rich heritage and traditions. The Festival was first inaugurated in 1980 in commemoration of King Tupou IV’s birthday and has since grown into a highly anticipated event, drawing participants and spectators from across the globe. Named after the national flower, Heilala, the pageant week is a vibrant celebration that showcases the beauty, intelligence, and cultural prowess of Tongan women.

The week-long festivities of the Miss Heilala Pageant are packed with various events that highlight the contestants’ talents and dedication. Among the most notable events is the traditional attire showcase, where participants don exquisite Tongan garments, reflecting the deep-rooted customs of the island nation. Another highlight is the talent show, where contestants demonstrate their skills in dance, music, oratory, and other forms of artistic expression.

One of the most awaited aspects of the pageant is the grand float parade. This colorful procession sees each contestant riding elaborately decorated floats, parading through the streets of Nuku’alofa, the capital city. The float parade is not just a visual spectacle but also an opportunity for the contestants to engage with the local community and display their unique personalities.

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Rugby Tournaments at Teufaiva Stadium

July is a thrilling time for sports enthusiasts in Tonga, as the nation gears up for an exhilarating series of rugby tournaments. This month, Teufaiva Stadium will be the epicenter of excitement, hosting international matches that feature Tonga’s national rugby team, ‘Ikale Tahi,’ clashing with formidable opponents like Italy and Spain.

The match schedule is set to keep fans on the edge of their seats. The opening game will see ‘Ikale Tahi’ take on Italy on July 12th, followed by a highly anticipated encounter with Spain on July 19th. These dates mark a significant moment for the local community, as international games bring a wave of national pride and a chance to showcase Tongan hospitality to visiting teams and fans.

The significance of these international games goes beyond the thrill of competition. For the local community, it is an opportunity to unite and celebrate the sport that holds a special place in Tongan culture. Rugby is more than just a game in Tonga; it is a symbol of national identity and unity.


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