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If you are planning to go sightseeing but don’t know where to start, here are some reccommended places. Visitors can split this into two day trips or if you’re feeling adventorous can fit it all in a day.

Captain Cook Landing Place in Tonga

On the eastern side of Tongatapu, visitors can explore several intriguing attractions, including:

  • Captain Cook’s landing place at Mu’a, situated by the lagoon, the former capital.
  • Ancient Burial Tombs at Lapaha, once the residence of Tonga’s sacred kings, the Tu’i Tonga.
  • Ha’amonga Trilithon, often referred to as Tonga’s Stonehenge in Niutoua, an ancient stone archway where the 11th Tu’i Tonga resided around 1200 AD.
  • Witness the ‘fishing pigs’ during low tide on the scenic drive past coastal village of Manuka en route to Ha’amonga Trilithon.
  • Anahulu Cave in Haveluliku, featuring stalactite formations and cool freshwater pools.
  • ‘Oholei Beach in Lavengatonga, for a stroll along the beach and a buffet and show on select days. Oholei also has Hina cave named after a woman from a legend in Tonga that is to this day, still awaiting the arrival of her love one who went out fishing and was never seen again. 
  • Hufangalupe natural land-bridge in Fua’amotu, an awe-inspiring cliff point.

Blowholes in Tonga

On the western side of Tongatapu Island, visitors can anticipate exploring:

  • Abel Tasman’s landing place, located at the island’s southern tip of Ha’atafu with a breathtaking view of the ocean.
  • Hake’anga ‘o e lotu, the landing place of Christianity, commemorated by a plaque where the first Christian missionaries, including Reverend John Thomas, landed over 180 years ago located just a short walk from Abel Tasman landing place.
  • Vakaloa Beach Resort, offering a serene beach stop with stunning ocean views.
  • Kolovai Flying foxes, where visitors can observe fruit bats hanging from trees in the local villagers’ backyard.
  • Tsunami Rock, a massive boulder standing alone in a wide, flat area near the sea at Kala’au village. The rock was dragged inland likely from a tsunami around the 20th century. 
  • Houma Blowholes, a stunning coastline featuring remarkable water geysers along the reefs, driven by powerful waves and offering expansive views from east to west.
  • Three-pronged Coconut Tree and LDS Temple site located in Liahona.

You can learn more at the Tonga Tourism page.


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