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Immerse Yourself in Tongan Culture 

Kingdom of Tonga in the heart of the South Pacific, a nation rich in history and tradition. Tonga offers visitors a true island experience unlike any other.  

 We will take a brief look at Tongan culture and traditions and explore two fantastic opportunities that are in the Sky Lodge accommodation area that guests can experience. 

Lady putting on a handwoven hat


Tongan Culture: A Glimpse into Tradition  

Tongan culture is rooted in tradition, with customs that have been passed down through generations.  

Tongan culture places a huge emphasis on the concept of faka’apa’apa, or showing respect. This can be seen in everything from daily interactions to formal ceremonies. 

Family and community play central roles in Tongan society, and respect for elders and heads of family is a must.  

Music and dance are also integral parts of Tongan culture, with traditional performances being taught in school, at home in community gatherings or church programs.  

The tau’olunga and the lakalaka are two of the most well-known traditional dances, often accompanied by live melodious singing and the rhythmic beating of drums (or ta nafa in Tongan).  

The Tau’olunga is performed almost exclusively by young single women while the lakalaka is performed by both men and women of any age or marital status and can have up to a few hundred people in rows singing and dancing together.  


Where to Experience Tongan Culture  

For visitors eager to immerse themselves in Tongan culture, there are opportunities to do so.  


Fehoko Studios: Keeping Tradition Alive  

 Fehoko Studios stands as a testament to Tonga’s rich artistic heritage. Specializing in traditional crafts such as basket weaving and wood carving, Fehoko Studios offers workshops where visitors can learn these ancient techniques firsthand.  

Under the guidance of skilled artisans, participants can create their own unique pieces to take home as treasured souvenirs.  

These workshops not only provide insight into Tonga’s cultural heritage but also offer a chance to connect with local artisans and gain a deeper appreciation for their craftsmanship.  


Ancient Tonga: Journey into the Past  

 For those interested in delving deeper into Tonga’s history and traditions, Ancient Tonga offers an in-house immersive cultural tour that provides a glimpse into the kingdom’s storied past.  

But the cultural experience doesn’t end there, visitors can indulge in a buffet dinner featuring traditional Tongan cuisine, accompanied by performances showcasing local music and dance. 

With these exciting opportunities, don’t forget to book your stay at Sky Lodge conveniently located to offer the perfect base to start your cultural journey.